Showcase Organizer: Mieko Ozeki, Radiance Studios

Company: Radiance Studios LLC
Year established: 2013
Located:  Burlington, VT
Website | Facebook | Instagram 

Hello! My name is Mieko and I am the founder/organizer/host/promoter/digital storyteller of Vermont Womenpreneurs. This endeavor is a digital content and event production of Radiance Studios, promoting the stories of women owned businesses in the Green Mountain State. 

Radiance Studios began as a side hustle in 2013, focused on career development and personal branding.  Today, it has evolved into a business dedicated to distinguishing the voice, presence, and brand story of individuals and small organizations through digital marketing, website and content strategy, and event production.

I took the initiative to organize the showcase when my friend Bethany mentioned in one of our VTW meetings that she wished there was a "science fair" type of event where she got to talk about her business to an audience. So I did some informal research to see if there was such a space for women entrepreneurs in the state. Resoundingly, I heard women business owners express interest in participating in an event to promote their businesses. While there are many great business and particularly women organizations in our community, there wasn't a place outside of tabling at an expo or being in the food and beverage industry to promote a small, often times solopreneur, business. Between business pitch contests and panel discussions that select a pool of notable women business owners to speak, it is tough to get heard amidst the noise. Vermont is a place where word of mouth about a business means something over the mass marketing we are inundated with on a daily basis.

Our intent for the evening is for you to put a face to a woman-owned business. Whether or not you use their product or their services, we hope by meeting these 20 women business owners and our sponsors that you refer their business to a friend, colleague, family member, etc. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, get inspired to take your first step by taking business development classes at local organizations such as Mercy Connections and Center for Women & Enterprise.

Read on about #herstory and get to know these businesses.