VTW participates in Local 22/44 Women Lead

Mieko Ozeki is helping to showcase successful women in business in Vermont. Aired on December 4, 2018.

It was two days after the Fall Showcase and I was still working through a cold while recovering from such an intense two months of VTW production. To say the least it has been a whirl of activity. In the midst of it all, I got an email from anchor Lauren Maloney that said…

“We have started a feature here at the station called Women Lead, where we basically highlight a dynamic, inspirational woman leading the way at work or in her community.

I'm happy to tell you that Liz Dohrman nominated you, touting your Vermont Womenpreneurs Showcase.”

I dropped my phone when I read the email, but felt immediate gratitude to my colleague for nominating us and giving us a shot at early recognition of what we are building here at Vermont Womenpreneurs. Though I am the main producer of VTW events and digital content, I immediately reached co-founder Bethany Andrews-Nichols to join the Women Lead interview.

Given the production schedule for Local 22, we scheduled to shoot our interview with their camera woman on November 16th. This gave me a short time to prepare after our Fall Showcase on November 14th. When Friday the 16th rolled around, we had a snow day which meant our kids (Bethany’s sons and my 3-year old daughter) were out of school AND we needed to lean on our husbands to watch the kids so we can meet with the Local 22 camera woman Jessica Gullbrand at Study Hall.

The morning worked out well. Bethany and I sported our VTW tanks and long sleeve t-shirt while each of us took a turn interviewing. Bethany is the creative, ideas generator of VTW; in her interview, she shared her perspective as a woman business owner participating in the VTW community. I am the accidental organizer, promoter, and doer; so it came naturally to talk about the evolution and development of VTW. Oh so grateful to Leah Fishman, Community Manager at Study Hall, for creating Instagram stories and posts while we were interviewing. With the taping done, I took a couple days to curate photos and videos from past Showcase events to share with Jessica to add to her edit of the 2-minute segment.

The segment aired on December 4th. Bethany and I are proud as it presents the current state of VTW and the possibilities for its growth.


Women Lead is a weekly segment on Local 22 and Local 44, which “explore women who lead in a variety of fields and settings—for example, in business, in education, in health care, in the arts.”