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Event date/time: Wednesday, May 22 from 6:00-9:00pm
Location: Vermont Comedy Club, 101 Main St, Burlington

The Vermont Womenpreneurs Showcase is a curated exhibition and networking event; featuring 12 Vermont-based, women-owned businesses from a mix of industries, professional services, and products. Presenters will have up to 5 minutes to talk about their businesses- how they built it, highs and lows, and their services. Think TED Talk meets Moth Story Hour. 

The event is open to the general public with audience size of 120-150 people. Our first two showcases sold out quickly due to the popularity and demand . Selected presenters will receive the following benefits:

Applications will be reviewed by Mieko and VTW collaborators. If accepted, the presenter fee is $55.00 

INSTRUCTIONS: Please complete the application below. To be considered for a presenter spot, we seek applicants who identify as a woman✧, own or co-own a Vermont-based business, and are excited to tell your story on stage. Additionally, we are looking to represent businesses from a variety of industries. 

Application deadline: Friday, April 12, 2019 at 11:59pm. 

✧ Transgender applicants are encouraged to apply.

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Business Address
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Each woman-owned business has 3-5 minutes to present. Please write a concise response to give us an idea what you would say to 50-70 people in the room. Some additional questions to think about: (1) what inspired you to start your business? (2) what aspiration(s) do you have for your business?
Our focus for this Spring Showcase is on mompreneurs. We are looking for stories on how motherhood has influenced your business and how you business has impacted your family life- the good, the bad, the not so perfect. What story incapsulates your experience being both mom and entrepreneur?
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